Please get in touch via email or the contact form if you are interested in purchasing any of my original drawings.


'Red Stag' £950 (unframed)

'Brown Hare' £750 (unframed)

'Roe Buck' £850 (unframed)

SOLD 'Bombus' Miniature

SOLD 'Bombus II' Miniature

SOLD 'Bumblebee' Miniature

'Goldfinch and Rowan Berries' £750 (unframed)

SOLD 'Sparrow' Miniature £60.00

'Pheasant' £850 (unframed)

'Long Tailed Tit' £650 (unframed)

'Waxwing' £650 (unframed)

'Snipe' £450 (unframed)

'Siskin' £325 (unframed)

'Goldfinch' £550 (framed)

'Blue Tit' £590 (framed)

'A Game of Retrieval' £850 (framed)

'Cabbage White Butterfly' Miniature £50.00

'Great Tit' SOLD

SOLD 'Wren' Study (unframed) £460

SOLD 'Vixen' £550

SOLD 'Brock' £850

SOLD Catch Me If You Can £550